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Still enrolling students for the 2016-2017 School year!ááClick Enrollment Information to learn more!
Why choose Girls Leadership Academy? áAs the only public all-girls high school in the state of Arizona, we offer a unique opportunity for your daughter to develop leadership skills while pursuing a rigorous academic course load. Our teachers work hard to tailor instructional delivery to meet the unique needs and learning styles of girls in a safe and collaborative environment. á

Watch the short video to hear more about the unique opportunities and experience your daughter can have at The Girls Leadership Academy of AZ.

Girls Leadership Academy also offers AVID - a curriculum available to all students that helps them develop the skills they need to be successful in college. áAVID focusing on organizational skills, critical reading strategies, ECAP requirements, as well as the college admissions and financial aid processes.

We bring college classes to you! GLAAZ partners with Phoenix College, bringing their college professors to our campus to teach college level courses to our students. áUnder concurrent enrollment, students earn credit for both high school and college. áThis is a unique opportunity for students to experience what college classes are really like. Because GLAAZ covers the tuition, this is a huge savings towards a college education.

We also offer a wide variety of activities and sports, including Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer and Softball, as well as Physics Club, Dance Club, GALS - a community service based club, Yearbook Club and more! áAs we strive to develop the leadership skills of our students, we encourage them to create and maintain clubs and activities centered around their interests.

If you would like to receive more information, please join us at our Open House on November 10 at 5pm. áOr, sign up to shadow a student at GLAAZ for a day!