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GLAAZ Uniform Information
1628 East Southern Ave. ● Tempe, AZ 85282
Phone (480) 429-5136 FAX (480) 429-5141
Mandatory Dress Code - Updated 09/26/2014

The uniform shirt and purple plaid skirt must be purchased through Educational Outfitters. Any other uniform needs can be purchased from any retail store.

  • Solid purple or white GLAAZ logo embroidered Polo shirt must be purchased through Educational Outfitters, located at 1628 E. Southern Ave, Tempe, (480) 429-5136.
  • GLAAZ t-shirts are allowed on Spirit Fridays only.
  • More information and online ordering available: Educational Outfitters.

  • Purple pleated plaid or solid black skirts, must be purchased through Educational Outfittersunless such item has religious affiliation
  • No leggings or tights without skirts.

  • Solid black, solid white, solid gray, or purple sweaters or sweatshirts with no patterns or artwork.
  • Optional GLAAZ logo-sweaters and sweatshirts are now available through Educational Outfitters.

  • Solid black or grey, ankle length pants or capris with no patterns, artwork, or holes permitted.
  • No sweat/athletic pants, leggings, blue denim or cargo style (side pockets) pants.
  • Blue jeans/denim pants are not allowed any day of the week.

  • Solid black or grey shorts only with no patterns, artwork or holes permitted.
  • No spandex, basketball shorts, sweat/athletic shorts.
  • Length is to the end of the fingertips or longer, and shorts must hemmed.

  • Heels no higher than 2 inches.
  • Sandals/flip flops are allowed. 

  • Make-up, jewelry, and hair must be professional and not distracting. 
  • Appropriate necklaces and/or bracelets are permitted.
  • Earrings sized from studs to small hoops (no larger than a half-dollar) are allowed.
  • All facial piercings or gauges, if present, must be covered or use a clear spacer. 
  • Tattoos must be covered.
  • Headwear (all caps/hats, bandanas, beanies, stocking caps, “do-rags”, wave caps, etc.) may not be worn inside unless such item has religious affiliation.

If, in the opinion of the faculty or staff member, any student’s hair, makeup, jewelry etc, distracts, disrupts, or interferes in any way with the classroom procedures or the educational processes, the violator will be asked to leave the classroom or the campus.  The violator may not return until the condition is corrected or the case is reviewed by the school administration.

The Girls Leadership Academy of Arizona understands some families may find it financially difficult to pay for uniforms and does not want the cost of uniforms to be a barrier to enrollment. Please download the Financial Assistance Application and return to school once it is completed.

Student Uniform Assistance Application in English and Spanish

Para asistencia en Español, por favor llame a Veronica Saenz al 602-288-4518