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Our curriculum is the collective product of an inspired faculty and guided by the belief that preparation for the demands of the 21st century is based on a strong academic foundation. Our courses are designed to prepare young women for lives rich in meaning and continual learning. During their time at GLAAZ, students experience a learning environment that takes girls and their ideas seriously. Small class sizes ensure teachers can be fully attentive to each student’s aspirations and academic needs.

The graduation requirements of GLAAZ reflect the school’s commitment to support all students to be college and career ready in an increasingly global, competitive, and diverse world. All high school courses are aligned to the Common Core and Arizona academic standards. Additionally, all students will benefit from a school-wide advisory program designed to develop leadership skills. Students first enroll in college courses that will meet high school graduation requirements. For many courses, students will be able to earn both high school and college credit.  Juniors will be expected to complete a Community Service component which allows them to work to benefit the community. In the senior year, there is a heavy emphasis placed on career development, and all students will complete a job internship.

All GLAAZ students must achieve a passing score on all areas of the AIMS test and complete 24 credits to graduate:

Graduation Requirements
  Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
English English 9 English 10 English 11 English 12
Math Algebra 1 OR Geometry Geometry OR Algebra 2 Algebra 2 OR Pre-Calculus/College Math Pre-Calculus/College Math OR Calculus
Social Studies Global Geography World History US History Government/Economics
Science Integrated Sciences Biology Chemistry Physics OR BioTechnology 
OR Environmental Science
AVID AVID 9 AVID 10 AVID 11 AVID 12/Capstone
Art* 1.0 credit of Fine Arts/CTE credit required
Foreign Language* 2.0 credit of Foreign Language suggested

*May be offered as a dual enrollment college course.

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