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What do we mean by leadership?

A major component of GLAAZ is our school-wide advisory program. In addition to academic and career advising, we offer a weekly advisory class that serves as an actual place where students check in and connect with a significant, caring adult and a small group of their peers who will support them as they transition from one grade to the next and on to college.

In the Advisory program, GLAAZ teaches decision making skills, conflict resolution, assertiveness, how to present oneself to the public, and how to utilize ones strengths to become personally empowered. Supplementing this program is our leadership curriculum, Girl Meets World, a research based and highly effective tool. Selected by Oprah Winfrey for her school, it “equips adolescent girls with the integrity, self-awareness and personal authority” to first become leaders in their own lives.
  • We facilitate leadership opportunities for our girls to become leaders at school. Our weekly student advisory program provides a forum for girls to develop leadership skills, reflect on their learning, and plan for post-graduate life.
  • Leadership through community service is a highly valued part of our curriculum and is required for graduation. To provide our girls with the necessary tools and resources to achieve success as leaders in their communities, we draw from the community’s knowledge, networks and resources to benefit the common good.